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Argo ALIVE is a four step approach to create an actionable set of recommendations for the future development of Argo's housing, economy, infrastructure, municipal services, etc.


Argo is one of the fastest growing communities in the greater Birmingham area and growth and development in the city is expected to continue in the coming years. If left to its own devices, future growth could strain city services and endanger the character and functionality of the community. However, if properly planned for, growth and development has the potential to strengthen city services, amenities, and economic opportunities... ultimately benefiting everyone within the community.

We believe that comprehensive planning is a powerful force for good in our communities. In order to secure the long term viability and successful implementation of the plan's strategic recommendations, the city's plan will be developed around a robust public involvement campaign that puts the community of Argo at the center of the decision making process. It is critical that the comprehensive plan honors the values and goals of the people living in Argo, and as such, public input and participation will be the foundation of all development recommendations.


The planning process will take part in four broad steps over the course of about 10 months and be supplemented by a follow-up zoning overlay district analysis and revision. Phase 1 of the comprehensive plan will include plan initiation and an analysis of current trends and conditions in the city of Argo. Phase 2 is the development of the community vision, which will involve an extensive public outreach and participation campaign conducted through online surveys and in person community meetings. Phase 3, opportunity development, will be a draft plan that identifies specific policies and actions the city of Argo and various community groups should undertake to accomplish the community vision outlined in Phase 2. In Phase 4, the plan will be finalized and a series of step by step action items will be laid out with a recommended timeline and possible funding sources for implementation of the final strategic goals.